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After years of training with Edith Blane, Sue and Robin have taken the helm and are keeping the tradition of island resident ownership at Offshore Property. Their island experience, insight, and personal service will make your island experience a success!

Friends and neighbors for over 30 years, Robin and Sue raised their families here on Block Island and are excited to have their daughters Krista Vila and Cori Black in the business. In 2017, Sue and Robin were happy to welcome long-time friend Kerri Gaffett to the office as a Sales Associate.

Robin Lewis Vila, Principal Broker/Owner

Robin came to Block Island in 1978 to work at the Manisses. She fell in love with Block Island and eventually married and raised her two children, Krista and Clayton. She has worn many hats over the years, including  owning a small charter airline business and managing the Manisses Restaurant. Robin started working for Edie in 2011, got her real estate license in 2012, bought the business with Sue in 2013, and became the Principal Broker in 2015.

Robin would love to help you with Vacation Rentals and Real Estate Sales.

Contact Robin: Cell: 401-465-7986   Email: offprop@verizon.net

View Robin’s Listings:  1177 Corn Neck Road1069 Beacon Hill Road,  1629 Pilot Hill Road, 1431 & 901 Cooneymus Road

RECENTLY SOLD LISTINGS: 794 Mohegan Trail, 0 West Side Road1536 Off West Side Road953 Off West Side Road

Susan Brown Black, Broker/Owner

Sue came to Block Island in the late 1970’s with college friends. She married her husband Bill and they decided to make Block Island their year-round home. They raised two children here, Henry and Cori. She has worked for several businesses on the island including the Block Island Maritime Institute and the BI Early Learning Center. Sue began working in real estate in 1986 but left the business to pursue other interests. She always kept her license and eventually came back to the business in 2007 to work for Edie at Offshore Property. When Edie decided to retire, Sue knew it was a great opportunity and bought the business with her longtime friend Robin.

Sue is available to help you with Real Estate Sales.

Contact Sue: Cell: 603-677-2356   Email: sueb3@verizon.net

Edith Blane, Associate Broker

Edith (Edie) Littlefield Blane is a lifelong Block Island resident and former owner of Offshore Property. She brings a wealth of historical knowledge and humor to our office. Edie was born and raised on the island and raised her two sons, Chris and Peter, here. Over the years, Edie has played a vital role in the fabric of Block Island, serving as one of the first telephone operators and many years as New Shoreham Town Clerk. She is semi-retired now but still enjoys helping people find their place on Block Island.

Edie would love to help you with Real Estate Sales.

Contact Edie: Phone: 401-466-7723 Email: edieblane@gmail.com


In Loving Memory Richard Foreman, Sales Associate

Richard Foreman has owned property on Block Island since 1982 and has lived here full time for the past 13 years. He co-owns and operates Eylant Antiques inside Payne’s Harborview Inn. Rick’s real estate experience includes working as a real estate salesperson and broker in New York City for nearly 14 years. Offshore Property has been renting his home on Beacon Hill, known as Little Beaver, for over 25 years.

Rick Foreman passed away on May 5, 2017. We will miss him terribly. Read his obituary here.

RECENTLY SOLD LISTINGS: 859 West Side Road1544 West Side Road

Corlies Black, Sales Associate

Corlies (Cori) was raised on Block Island. She attended the Block Island School and graduated in 2009. In the Spring of 2014, she graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a degree in the Gender and Women’s Studies. She became a Real Estate agent in March 2015.

Cori would love to help you with Vacation Rentals and Real Estate Sales.

Contact Cori: Phone: 401-466-5446 Email: offprop@verizon.net

See Cori’s Listings: 1629 Pilot Hill Road

Kerri Gaffett, Sales Associate

Kerri is a lifelong resident of Block Island. She attended the Block Island School and graduated in 1985. In 1989 she graduated from Brown University with a BA in Psychology. For 25 years she raised her family and built homes on Block Island as half owner of Spier Construction. In 2015 Kerri and her husband were divorced and she began life anew as Kerri Gaffett. She has been an active community member, serving on the Conservation Commission, School board, and as an EMT. After sailing around the world and raising her three children she returned to school and became a licensed psychotherapist. In 2013 she graduated with a MA in Counseling from Salve Regina University. In 2016 Kerri went back to school again and became a licensed Real Estate Sales Associate.

Kerri would love to help you with Real Estate Sales.

Contact Kerri: Cell: 401-714-2716  Email: kblockisland@aol.com

See Kerri’s Listing: 33 Ocean Ave Unit #2


Krista Vila, Sales Associate

Krista was raised on Block Island. She graduated from the Block Island School in 2008. Krista splits her time between Block Island and Providence, RI. While on the island, she works for Jessie Edwards Studio as a gallery assistant and at Offshore Property as an office assistant. Krista recently became a licensed Real Estate Salesperson.

Krista is available to help you with Real Estate Sales.

Contact Krista: 401-466-5446 or offprop@verizon.net

Gina Quick, Sales Associate

Gina would love to help you with Real Estate Sales.

Contact Gina: Cell: 401-418-0629  Email: ginabquick@cox.net

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