Please read the following disclaimers about Electronics

Please understand that WiFi, Satellite TV, and appliances are provided by the homeowners. Should any issues arise, please be patient and understand there are limited on-island service providers. Offshore Property does not hold the accounts for internet or satellite TV and will have to contact the homeowners, which could further delay the process. We will do everything possible to alleviate the inconvenience to our tenants, but please understand that refunds will not be made for TV, WiFi, or appliance related issues.

Internet / WiFi

Some of our homes offer internet/WiFi at no additional cost. Please check individual home pages for details. The WiFi available on Block Island is never adequate for streaming videos and can be unreliable in general. Please understand that although a rental home is equipped with WiFi, we do not guarantee it will work to your satisfaction.

Satellite TV

Many of our homes do not have TVs. Some have a TV with DVD capabilities only. In homes that provide satellite TV (No cable on BI), we do our best to ensure it is working properly. The reception can be interrupted during heavy storms or due to broken trees after a storm has occurred. We will do our best to remedy any issues with satellite TV in a timely manner. We cannot guarantee that all TVs will be working at all times.


We do our very best to anticipate and prevent an appliance failure, but in the event that there is a problem with stoves, dishwashers, refrigerators, etc please understand the island has no 24-hour repair services or replacement parts supplier. Parts or replacement appliances must be ordered from the mainland and sent over by ferry. This inevitably creates delays.

Cell Phone


Cell phone service can be limited on the island, especially on the West and South sides. Please check with your carrier about coverage. We do not guarantee that houses with bad cell phone reception have landline phones.