Please review our rental policies before making a reservation.

If you have any questions, please write us an email or give us a call.


50% of the rental fee and a $50 reservation fee are due within 10 days of receiving your lease. The remaining 50% of rental fee, cleaning fee, and security deposit are due by June 1. Both payments are subject to RI 8% tax (security deposit excluded). For reservations made after June 1, payment will be due in full 10 days after receiving your lease.


There is an 8% tax charged on all rental reservations payable by tenants. This tax applies to the rental rate, the reservation fee, and the cleaning fee. Tax will be calculated and included in the requested amounts in your lease contract.

Security Deposit

Security Deposit amounts are set by the owner and are non-negotiable. Security Deposit payments will be cashed and then the amount will be returned in the form of a new check. Except in the case of any deductions due to damage, cleaning charges, or trash removal charges, your security deposit will be refunded within 60 days of your departure. We reserve the right to decide what qualifies as “beyond normal wear and tear.”



Each of our homes has a fixed price for professional cleaning. Our cleaners do a “turnover cleaning” which includes vacuuming, mopping and cleaning the kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. Usage beyond normal wear and tear will lead to extra cleaning charges, which will be deducted from your security deposit. We reserve the right to decide what qualifies as “beyond normal wear and tear.” Tenants are responsible for tidying the house and returning items to where they belong on check out day.

Pet Policy

Only a few of our rental properties allow pets, please see individual home listings to find out which homes are pet friendly. For homes which are pet friendly, you must notify us at the time of booking if you intend to bring your pet and there will be a $100 pet cleaning fee added to your reservation. Some homes may have an increase rental rate fee as well. Pets must NOT be left unattended in rental homes unless secured inside a crate.

If it is determined that a pet has been staying in a home that does not allow animals, your security deposit will be forfeited.



Smoking is not allowed on any rental property. If it is determined that tenants have smoked inside the house, there will be an additional charge for cleaning, which will be deducted from your security deposit.




You must be at least 25 years old to make a reservation and check in to one of our properties.



You are required to bring sheets and towels, paper products, cleaning supplies, beach chairs and toys, and any other specialty item you may need. For a complete list of suggested supplies, please see our page dedicated to these items HERE.



The number of occupants is restricted by the owner in the lease agreement. Exceeding the permitted number of occupants is cause for eviction and/or forfeiture of security deposit. Occupancy is determined by the water and septic system of each home. Please be advised that the number of beds does not necessarily determine the maximum occupancy.



Tenants will be responsible for trash disposal at the Transfer Station unless the homeowner has contracted for trash pickup (contracted trash pickup requires mandatory recycling). If you prefer to have your trash picked up, you must give us 24 hours notice and a trash pickup fee will be required. Trash pickup is $45 plus tax for under 100 lbs of garbage and separated recycling. There are extra fees for over 100lbs and co-mingling of recycling. Failure to dispose of trash will result in a trash pickup charge, determined by weight, which will be deducted from your security deposit.

Getting to

Block Island

Many of our properties are off the beaten path; early planning will allow you to make a ferry reservation for your vehicle to accommodate your arrival/departure dates. The schedule can be found at www.blockislandferry.comThe telephone number to call for car reservations from Point Judith, Rhode Island is: 866-783-7996.

Cancellation Policy

In the event of cancellation due to emergency, refund of the advanced rental deposit, excluding the Reservation Fee, will be made only to the extent that another tenant can be found to occupy the time reserved in this contract. In the event of dissatisfaction with the property, we will try our best to relocate you to a property that best fits your needs, even if that requires a property that we do not manage. Refund of the advanced rental deposit, excluding the Reservation fee, will only be refunded or transferred to the extent that another tenant can be found to occupy the time reserved in this contract. We try to represent each of our properties in the most accurate descriptions, but please use careful consideration before choosing your rental property.



It is the responsibility of the tenants to be aware of upcoming weather pertaining to their travel days. Every effort will be made to alert tenants to pending weather-related events but part of living on Block Island is to plan for changes in travel due to storms. The house must be vacant by 9:30 a.m. the date your lease terminates. If bad weather is forecasted and your ferry or plane has been cancelled, it is your responsibility to make other arrangements for lodging during any additional time on the Island. The incoming Lessee has priority on the house.  Also, if you are planning to take over the house and weather becomes an issue for your arrival on the Island, it is your responsibility to make the necessary arrangements for arriving on the Island ahead of any weather. The homeowner will not reimburse lessees for non-arrival or unused dates based on weather.

Internet /


Some of our homes offer internet/WiFi at no additional cost. Please check individual home pages for details. DISCLAIMER: The WiFi available on Block Island is never adequate for streaming videos and can be unreliable in general. Please understand that although a rental home is equipped with WiFi, we do not guarantee it will work to your satisfaction.

Satellite TV

Many of our homes do not have TVs. Some have a TV with DVD capabilities only. In homes that provide satellite TV (No cable on BI), we do our best to ensure it is working properly. The reception can be interrupted during heavy storms or due to broken trees after a storm has occurred. We will do our best to remedy any issues with satellite TV in a timely manner. Please understand that there are limited service providers on the island to handle these problems, so please have patience. Also, we do not hold the accounts for satellite TV so we will have to contact homeowners with any issues, which could further delay the process. We cannot guarantee that all TVs will be working at all times.


We do our very best to anticipate and prevent an appliance failure, but in the event that there is a problem with stoves, dishwashers, refrigerators, etc please understand that we are on an island with no 24 hour repair services or replacement parts supplier. Parts or replacement appliances must be ordered from the mainland and sent over by ferry. This inevitably creates delays. We do everything possible to alleviate the inconvenience to our tenants, but please understand that refunds will not be made for TV, WiFi, or appliance related issues.