For your rental stay, please bring with you:


Please check your rental house page or your lease contract for specific bed sizes. If you would like to rent linens, you can contact Block Island Linen Rental at 401-466-5604 or

For the Kitchen:

-Paper towels

-Napkins & Paper Plates

-Trash Bags, Cleaning Products, Dish soap, Sponges, Laundry Detergent… etc.

-Unique tools or utensils that you like to use

Please refer to your specific rental houses’ page for detailed information about which small appliances and amenities it is equipped with. Each home has a basic set of dinnerware, drinkware, pots and pans, bakeware, and utensils.

For the Bathroom:

-Toilet Paper

-Towels- Bath, Hand, Face, and Bath Mat

-Hairdryer and Curling Irons, as needed

-Advil and First Aid supplies



Groceries are less expensive on the Mainland, so we recommend shopping before you arrive. There is a grocery store on the island that is useful for small items you may have forgotten and anything that might perish between shopping and arrival (i.e. ice cream and frozen foods).

Please keep in mind that check in time is not until 2:30pm so bring a cooler to store cold foods in if you plan to arrive on the island before check in time.


Prescription Drugs – Block Island does NOT have a pharmacy. Please bring any medications that you will need during your stay. OTC drugs can be found at several retail locations around the island. There is a medical center for emergencies.

Beach toys, chairs, and towels – Some of our rental homes provide these items, but most do not. If it is not clearly stated on your rental houses’ page, please expect to bring these items. There are a few stores on the island that sell or rent boogie boards, beach toys, and beach chairs.

Cleaning Supplies– Most of our homes are equipped with basic cleaning products- broom, mop, all purpose cleaners – but we recommend that you bring any specific cleaning supplies that you like to use at home.